Bernard Hopkins Blasts Conor McGregor, 'It's a Fake News Fight'

Bernard Hopkins Blasts McGregor ‘It’s a Fake News Fight’


Shots fired from boxing legend Bernard Hopkins — who’s dissing McGregor vs. Mayweather in a BIG way … saying the whole thing is a “fake news” fight. 

FYI, B-Hop works for Golden Boy Promotions and is hyping the other superfight of the year — Canelo vs. GGG … a fight Hopkins says is undoubtedly the superior event. 

In fact, he has a message to people leaning toward buying the MayMac PPV over the Canelo fight. 

“You got a chance to get in a Ferrari but you choose the Pontiac?!?” 

Yeah … he’s not holding back. In fact, he won’t even say Conor’s full name. 


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